Naturally powered to regain
& maintain digestive health

Benegast™ products are effective, naturally derived yet scientifically engineered to provide you with long lasting, sustainable Gastro Intestinal Health. For every reason you might be out of balance, Benegast™ offers a simple solution that enables you to regain and maintain digestive health.

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Finally once a day , Naturally

Many of us find it difficult to go to the toilet every day. Being constipated or feeling unbalanced is a source of discomfort and in some cases can even affect daily activities.
Regulamine™ has been created for people who wants to achieve and maintain that healthy regularity.

  • 100% natural fibres
  • For the first time Soluble + insoluble fibres
  • Sugar free
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Product Range


10 days Trial pack to discover regularity: 10 sticks

Regulamine™ is a natural powder in stick sachets to be dissolved in juices or water.


1 month pack: 30 sticks

Regulamine™ is a natural powder in stick sachets to be dissolved in juices or water.

The next generation heartburn remedy

Many of us suffer from digestive disorders such as heartburn & indigestion, due to daily stress, heavy meals or simply during pregnancy. Most of the time this is accompanied by a burning sensation in the esophagus that causes discomfort and pain in the chest, throat and stomach, affecting the daily life.
Reduflux™ has been created to offer faster & longer lasting relief from heartburn.

  • Instant action
  • Long lasting relief up to 4h
  • Cool peppermint flavor
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Available Forms


Peppermint flavored tablets (x 20)


Peppermint Liquid sachets (x 15)

Treats acute and chronic diarrhea whilst supporting rehydration

Dimexanol™ has been created for people suffering from acute and chronic diarrhea, a common and bothersome gastro-intestinal disorder that can be accompanied by abdominal cramps and nausea. Diarrhea can also be responsible for dehydration, weakening the entire body.

  • Fast recovery
  • Stops further spread of infection
  • With additional salts
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Available Form


Available in effervescent tablets (10 tablets)

Fast relief of abdominal bloating & reduces new gas build-up

Many of us may experience abdominal bloating from time to time, mainly due to trapped wind. Abdominal bloating results in bothersome symptoms such as cramps, gas and a sensation of fullness and tightness, affecting daily life.
Redugas™ has been created to offer a sustainable solution for people suffering from bloating and flatulence.

  • Complete targeted solution
  • Restores healthy gut flora
  • Cool peppermint flavor
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Available Forms


peppermint flavored chewable tablets (X20)