Uniqueness of Redugas™

Redugas™ uniquely combines Simethicone & Inulin.

Complete targeted solution : fast relief & restores healthy gut flora.

Redugas™ effectively provides fast relief of abdominal bloating and restores healthy gut flora thanks to Lycosyl™, an effective combination of Simethicone and Inulin.

About Lycosyl™

Lycosyl™ combines for the first time the efficacy of Simethicone with the proven beneficial action of prebiotics (Inulin). Simethicone physically destroys gas bubbles, while prebiotics (Inulin) restore a healthy gut flora, thus reducing new gas build-up.




  • Complete targeted solution
  • Effectively provides fast relief bloating
  • Restores healthy gut flora to reduce new gas build-up
  • Cool peppermint flavor

Redugas™ is a certified medical device with its safety and efficacy assessed under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.