Uniqueness of Dimexanol™

Dimexanol™ treats acute and chronic diarrhea, whilst supporting rehydration.

Complete solution : treats by acting on the root cause + contains additional salts

For fast recovery

Dimexanol™ treats acute & chronic diarrhea thanks to Morilyte™. Dimexanol™ acts on the root cause, entrapping diarrhea causing substances whilst supporting rehydration, allowing for a fast recovery.

About Morilyte™

Dimexanol™ contains Morilyte™, for the first time combining clinically proven natural clay (Diosmectite) together with additional salts, essential against rehydration.




  • Natural way to effectively recover from diarrhea
  • Stops the spread of the infection
  • With additional salts
  • Gentle on the system

Dimexanol is a certified medical device with its safety and efficacy assessed under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.