Uniqueness of Regulamine™

Regulamine™ is for the first time combining 2 types of powerful fibres

Soluble fibres + Insoluble fibres

For higher efficacy in restoring and maintaining regularity

Regulamine™ helps to restore and maintain regularity thanks to its proprietary compound Chiasyll™, uniquely combining for the first time the proven efficacy of two types of fibres :

  • To promote regular bowel movement
  • To effectively treat moderate constipation without causing addiction

About Chiasyll™

Regulamine™ contains Chiasyll™, the unique association of the scientifically proven Psyllium Husk together with Chia Seed  for a synergistic effect.


Together, the 2 types of fibers are providing higher efficacy :

  • The soluble fibres form a lubricating gel on the intestines: to ease the transit
  • The insoluble fibres allows a stronger bulking effect: to speed-up transit time


  • Treats moderate constipation & promotes regularity
  • Made of 100% natural fibres
  • Soluble + insoluble fibres
  • Sugar free

Regulamine is a certified medical device with its safety and efficacy assessed under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC